Jubinville's team of trained and competent pipefitters is proud to share its plumbing expertise in all areas of construction, renovation, service and maintenance.

Rainwater and sanitary drainage / Domestic water / Laboratory water osmosis water / Purified water / Natural gas / Heating and water Glycol water, cooled water / Steam and condensate / Compressed air / Oil / Electro fusion welding of Georg Fisher piping

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With Plomberie Jubinville, you can expect nothing less than an experienced, dynamic team and fast service! We will be pleased to offer tailor-made solutions to meet your needs.

Services offerts :

New Installations, modifications repairs, preventive maintenance for all plumbing, heating, steam, natural gas and medical gas networks.

Additional Services/Benefits:

24h emergency service for our customers / Application of water entry standards according to the requirements of the city of Montreal / DAR certification in compliance with Environment Network (Réseau Environnement) / Cleaning and localization under slab draining lines Natural gas valve lubrication / Preventive maintenance program / Maintenance, repair and verification of your pumps / General contractor's license for turnkey projects

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Plumbing Jubinville acquired the Gaz Médic Network in 2002. This specialized branch allows us to carry out work of any size, both in the hospital field and for laboratories. In the last fifteen years, Plomberie Jubinville has completed more than 182 projects in hospitals, laboratories and private clinics.

Oxygen / Medical air / Nitrous oxide / Carbon dioxide / Medical vacuum / Nitrogen / Orbital welding of stainless steel piping

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According to the Régie du Bâtiment du Quebec, it is mandatory to protect drinking water systems against contamination by installing a backflow preventer (DAR). It must be checked annually by a certified auditor. A proper installation can save you from criminal prosecution and costs incurred for the decontamination of the drinking water system. Plumbing Jubinville offers you the expertise of its certified pipefitters and the possibility of creating a registry of your existing DAR. This detailed list will help you to follow up for the annual certification.

Installation / Repair / Annual Audit

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Plomberie Jubinville also has a service department which, over the years, has acquired an excellent reputation for offering quality service and quick interventions. Its mobile units have a high degree of autonomy and allow for outstanding intervention flexibility.

Service offered to PRJ customers - 514.990.2252