With Plomberie Jubinville, we have a professional and dynamic service for routine calls, as well as for major projects. With their reliable and available team, it is easy to have quick and effective responses in emergency situations.

Daniel Collerette / Montreal Youth Center, Team Leader Technical Services Sector 1


Plomberie Jubinville knows how to adapt to the existing conditions of a hospital centre and give the appropriate service without disturbing the occupants or the proper functioning of the services offered. They propose quick solutions and a good follow-up with their program of certification of the backflow devices .

Edie Gagnon / CHUM Hôtel Dieu, Head of central thermal sector, plumbing, ventilation and refrigeration.


Excellent entrepreneur, great team. The contractor mastered the project perfectly and always provided solutions to issues. It was a pleasure working with your company. Great quality of work, well-managed site and TQC plans were set up well.

Marie-Eve Julien / Defense Construction Canada


Plumbing Jubinville excels in plannification and carries them out with high quality standards, while making sure to meet the needs of their clientèle. They cleary demonstrated this by the work they carried out in partnership with Hagen Industries.

Danny Lemaire / President, DL Plastic.


We've been a partner of theirs for many years. Plomberie Jubinville is a structured company that works as a team to bring the projects to term with its skilled and motivated workforce. Jubinville knows how to adapt to all types of challenges, such as the National Bank's sanitary pump replacement project. They know how to offer a fast and quality "turnkey" project.

Stéphane Allard / Dynapompe inc. Sales manager


Plomberie Jubinville is an important partner in all our projects. Their competent and understanding staff understand the issues and peticularities of our operations. Whether it's modifications, renovations or maintenance, Johnson Controls does not hesitate to call on their services. They are always fast and efficient. Their dedication makes them a part of our success.

Pierre-Luc Monast, ing. jr. / Project Manager Johnson QC Control Company Ltd.